Sestinas and Set Theory, Oh My!

The philosopher Martin Heidegger describes poetry in his book, Poetry, Language, and Thought, as “the saying of the unconcealedness of what is” and the “intimate unity of being with language and word.” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy discusses set theory as such: “[t]he axioms of set theory imply the existence of a set-theoretic universe so … Continue reading Sestinas and Set Theory, Oh My!

Five Writers You’d Want to Spend NYE With

Everybody knows that writers (poets, in particular) are the life and soul of any party. So, in honour of the year’s biggest party, I’ve compiled a list of the writers you would most want to spend the 31st of December drinking yourself blind and hoofing up rails with. Enjoy responsibly. 5. W.H. Auden W.H. Auden … Continue reading Five Writers You’d Want to Spend NYE With

Ten “Gateway” Books To Give Surreptitiously As Gifts

It’s that time of year again where you’re going to start buying people things. Books are good gifts because they are fantastic, cheap, and the act of giving them can be selfish without appearing so. That book you’ve been telling your friend to read all year and they haven’t gotten around to yet? Done. Happy … Continue reading Ten “Gateway” Books To Give Surreptitiously As Gifts

Interview with Carmen Giménez Smith

Carmen Giménez Smith is a poet and essayist. She runs Noemi Press out of New Mexico State University, and was previously editor of Puerto del Sol, the university’s creative writing journal. We discussed the idea of risk and responsibility in the publishing world, as well as the differences between journal and book publishing and the … Continue reading Interview with Carmen Giménez Smith