The creative writing section of the minnesota review is associated with Virginia Tech’s Department of English, and the majority of the editorial board consists of students in the MFA and MA programs.


Janell Watson, Editor
Katie Garahan, Editorial Assistant

Virginia Tech
ASPECT 202 Major Williams Hall (0192)
Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA

Executive Editorial Board
François Debrix
Timothy Luke
Jeffrey Williams

Editorial Advisory Board
Bruno Bosteels
Gaurav Desai
Mark Driscoll
Susan Hegeman
Eugene Holland
Eleanor Kaufman
Federico Luisetti
Vivasvan Soni
Kenneth Surin
Philip Wegner

Creative Writing Faculty Advisors
Ed Falco
Bob Hicok
Jeff Mann
Erika Meitner
Carmen Giménez Smith
Matthew Vollmer

Current Creative Writing Editors:

Issue 92 (Spring 2018) 

Managing Editor: Tolu Adeyeye
Poetry Editor: Adele Williams
Fiction Editor: Gideon Simons
Blog Editor: Anna Harjung
Social Media Editor: Emily Walters

Past Creative Writing Editors:

Issue 91 (Fall 2017) 

Managing Editor: Devin Koch
Poetry Editor: Adele Williams
Fiction Editor: Tolu Adeyeye
Blog Editor: Yasmine Kaminsky
Social Media Editor: Makensi Ceriani

Issue 90 (Spring 2017)

Managing Editor: Patrick Siebel
Poetry Editors: Tali Cohen and Anuradha Bhowmik
Fiction Editors: Jasmine Francis and Travis McDonald
Blog Editor: Christopher Wilson
Social Media Editor: Christopher Wilson

Issue 89 (Fall 2016)

Managing Editor: Kevin West
Poetry Editors: Cody Kour and Anuradha Bhowmik
Fiction Editor: Kelsey Schurer
Blog Editors: Leslie Jernegan and Tali Cohen
Social Media Editor: Devin Koch

Issue 87 (Fall)

Editor-in-Chief: Mariana Sierra
Fiction Editors: Patrick Siebel and Ashley Whitman
Poetry Editor: Anuradha Bhowmik
Social Media Editors: Matt Hall, Daniel Lawrence, and Andrew Wimbish

Issue 86 (Spring 2016)

Editor in Chief: Lisa Summe
Poetry Editor: Kaitlen Whitt
Fiction Editors: Beejay Silcox and Joe Truscello
Blog Editor: Mariana Sierra

Issue 85 (Fall 2015)

Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Haynes
Poetry Editors: Lisa Summe and Matty Bennett
Fiction Editors: Amy Long and Mandi Manns

Issue 84 (Spring 2015)

Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Haynes
Co-Managing Editor: Lisa Summe
Fiction Editor: Bobbie Chase
Poetry Editor: Lisa Summe

Issue 83 (Fall 2014)

Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Haynes
Fiction Editors: Nora Salem and Josh Vaught
Poetry Editors: Arian Katsimbras and Sam Woodworth
Social Media Editors: Matty Bennett and Amy Long
Blog Editors: Emily Dhatt and Kelly Holler

Issue 82 (Spring 2014)

Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Haynes
Fiction Editor: Curtis Stanford
Poetry Editor: Arian Katsimbras

Issue 81 (Fall 2013)

Managing Editors: Max Brooks & Tom Minogue
Fiction Editor: María Elvira Vera Tatá
Poetry Editors: Arian Katsimbras & Jeff Haynes
Social Media Editor: Amy Marengo
Blog Editor: Michelle Calkins

Issue 80 (Spring 2013)

Creative Nonfiction Editors: Jess Cohen & Mary Span
Fiction Editors: Christopher Linforth & Jamie Rand
Poetry Editors: Meaghan Russell & Quinn White

Issues 78 & 79 (Spring 2012 & Fall 2012)

Editor-in-Chief: Elias Simpson
Fiction Editor: Sean Conaway
Poetry Editor: Sandra M. Yee

Issue 77 (Fall 2011)

Prose Editors: Mark Derks, Andy Hobin, Christopher Linforth, Kedon Willis
Poetry Editors: Christopher Prewitt, Brianna P. Stout

Issue 76 (Spring 2011)

Editor-in-Chief: Raina Lauren Fields
Fiction Editor: Jerry Liles
Poetry Editor: Julia Clare Tillinghast
Associate Editors: Mark Derks, Caty Gordon, Andrew Hobin, Ashley Montjoy, Laura Nye, James Stolen, Brianna P. Stout

Issue 75 (Fall 2010)

Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Broaddus
Fiction Editor: Amanda Zubillaga
Poetry Editor: Lauren Jensen

Blog Editors

Fall 2011 Blog Editor: Sean Conaway
Spring 2011 Blog Editor: Brianna P. Stout
Fall 2010 Blog Editors: Ashley Montjoy, James Stolen, and Brianna P. Stout


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