Critical essays (see guidelines below) should be sent by email attachment to

We accept and review creative work from August 15 to October 15 and from January 15 to March 15. If you are interested in submitting creative work to the minnesota review, please review the guidelines provided below and then click Submit.


Submission Guidelines

Updated: 11/30/2020

We have our submissions and style guides available for writers wanting to submit to our magazine. Please click the links below to view the submission guidelines online or to download the PDF version of the style guide.

Submission Guidelines (redirects to Duke University Press online)

Complete Style Guide (PDF)


Creative Writing

Creative writing submissions are reviewed by creative writing MFA students at Virginia Tech, under the guidance of Virginia Tech faculty Ed Falco, Carmen Giménez Smith, Erika Meitner, and Evan Lavender-Smith.

General Guidelines:

  • We only consider unpublished work. Please do not submit previously published material, including work published in anthologies, chapbooks, or online.
  • We read creative work August 15 – October 15 and January 15 – March 15 of each year. Submissions may be uploaded at any time.
  • Simultaneous submissions are permitted. Please notify us immediately if a work is accepted by another publication. If your submission contains multiple pieces and one or more, but not all, have been accepted elsewhere, but you would still like your remaining pieces to be considered, please email us at or send us a message on Submittable. Indicate which pieces you are withdrawing through email or in a message rather than withdrawing your entire submission on Submittable.
  • Please wait at least three months after your last submission to submit again. If a work is still under review, you may withdraw it and submit new work, up to the limits already mentioned.


  • Poetry: You may submit three to five poems per reading period; please group them into one document and upload them as a single file.
  • Short Fiction: You may submit one longer story (up to 5,000 words), or up to four short shorts or flash pieces (1,000 words or less), per reading period. Please indicate the word count on your piece.
  • Creative Nonfiction: We generally do not accept creative nonfiction, but if your creative prose work does not fall into the scope of fiction, prose poem, or critical essay, we may be willing to consider it. Follow the requirements listed above in short fiction and submit under the fiction category in Submittable. You must clearly indicate to the editors in your cover letter that your submission falls under creative nonfiction.
  • Critical Essays, Review Essays, and Scholarly Articles: Please contact editor Janell Watson at
  • We do not publish reviews of creative work.

Submission Format:

We accept creative writing submissions via our online submission site. We cannot accept submissions sent via email.

If you have difficulties with registration or submitting work, contact Cassandra Hockman at

  • All files must be saved in Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt) formats, or .pdf. We cannot open documents with a .pages extension. If you have questions on how to save your document, please consult the Help section of your word processing software.
  • Please set up your submission in letter-sized format, with ample margins, double-spaced, using a standard typeface (e.g., Times, Helvetica, Arial) and font size (12 point is best).
  • Please use minimal document and font styling in your submission.


  • Responses will be provided by email through Submittable.
  • If your work is accepted, you will first receive an email from the editors through Submittable, and, upon your agreement, you will receive a follow-up email from the minnesota review with a publishing contract. Payment for the publication of your work will be in the form of a free copy of the journal in which your work appears, sent to you upon publication.


Critical Essays & Scholarly Articles

the minnesota review tracks the challenging landscape of the critical humanities, including, but not limited to, literary, cultural, and media studies. We tend to prefer shorter, sharper articles which address a broad academic readership. We publish:

• Interviews with leading academics and intellectuals.

  • Past interviews include: Roberto Esposito, Jean-Luc Nancy, Ken Loach, Kaja Silverman, Talal Assad, Joan W. Scott, Fredric Jameson, Timothy Brennan, Barbara Hernnstein Smith, WJT Mitchell, Jacqueline Rose, Jodi Dean, Bonnie Honig, Jacqueline Stevens, Jane Bennett.

• Review essays, typically covering more than one critical work.
• Revaluations that track an overarching theme, idea, or trend of broad general interest to the critical humanities.
• Special focus sections on a specific field, question, or development in the critical humanities.

  • Recent past special focus sections include: animal studies (73-74), Franco-Italian political theory (75), international cultural studies (76), religion and the humanities today (77), and global English (78), China today (79, fall 2012), the medieval roots of theory (80, spring 2013), and feminist political theory (81).

We encourage email inquiries prior to submission. Send critical writing as an attachment (in Word or PDF) to


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