Morning Person

Before waking, I read poetry. My mind doesn’t fight the line breaks. I accept the likeness of a lung to a kite, tusks to moustaches, hair to fire. I accept my turning on the overhead. I write before waking. Still wearing pajamas. Still with white sheets under my chin, I admit the solidity of what’s … Continue reading Morning Person


Cheap Foods that Will Invigorate Your Writing!

Contrary to popular belief, literature cannot subsist on jug wine and Marlboros. Mark Strand has famously suggested “eating poetry,” and I applaud his valiant effort to raise awareness about the nutrition deficiencies that disproportionately affect low-income writers—the MFAs, adjuncts, and secondary school teachers who compose our silent majority. Strand’s heart is certainly in the right place. Unfortunately, like so … Continue reading Cheap Foods that Will Invigorate Your Writing!