Spring 2012 Reading Period Closes April 1!

The close of our Spring 2012 reading period is this Sunday, April 1. (If you follow our Twitter feed, you likely already know this.  This is for everyone who doesn't follow us. Also, if you're on Twitter and you aren't following us, we're going to be hurt.) Because I'm a procrastinator at heart, I understand … Continue reading Spring 2012 Reading Period Closes April 1!

VIDA and The Minnesota Review

Over the last couple of years VIDA: Women in Literary Arts have been counting the woman/man ratio in literary journal publishing. Expected, or not, the results were worrisome. In many categories, and at most magazines and best of anthologies, women were constantly being marginalized as authors. So, in the spirit of transparency, here are the minnesota review’s figures … Continue reading VIDA and The Minnesota Review