An Interview with Alan Britt

Alan Britt's "Ebb and Flow" is featured in our current issue (78). Alan Britt teaches creative writing, poetry, and composition at Towson University and is the author of Vermilion (The Bitter Oleander Press: 2006), Infinite Days (The Bitter Oleander Press: 2003), Amnesia Tango (Cedar Hill Publications: 1998), and Bodies of Lightning (Cypress Books: 1995). This … Continue reading An Interview with Alan Britt

Choosing the Right Journal for You

Inspiration can strike at any moment, so you ought to keep some means of note-taking handy. Here are a few tried and true methods, and a few tools you may have overlooked. The Moleskine: A journal made of collective memory (2/3 absinthe, 1/3 big game hunting). If your family has been wondering about you—is she? … Continue reading Choosing the Right Journal for You

Pablo Teaches Freshman Comp

Today I can write the saddest lines. Write, for example, “Disappointed eyes on the boredom-swarm disdain my soul because I am more Eeyore than extrovert, sans Redbull.”                         Fail. I drank Redbull, and sometimes it drank me too. Which is to say, Redbull dehydrates you, so I don’t recommend it for non- public-speaking-Eeyores. I no … Continue reading Pablo Teaches Freshman Comp

Top Five Reasons to Begin A Love Affair with Will

5. "Oh, you’re dating a doctor? Meet my new boyfriend, William Shakespeare." 4. Your mom already loves him 3. The moustache 2. A writer type and no ego stroking required 1. Dead, gay, married: triple insurance against needy text messages   Meaghan Russell was just startled by a boxelder that flipped from her poetry notebook, … Continue reading Top Five Reasons to Begin A Love Affair with Will

Hey, Hey, Bobby Flay, How Much Press Did You Get Today?

Listen up, Lit-buffs: There’s no reason revered writers should have less name recognition than their counterparts in other art forms. It’s time we plagiarized the celebrity chefs’ playbook and got competitive. That’s right. Reality television. With the right backers, we can make Marie Howe a household name. So take these hit shows to your nearest … Continue reading Hey, Hey, Bobby Flay, How Much Press Did You Get Today?