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(From the Archives) “Whose University? Our University!”: The Case for GA Unions

5 Apr

Today’s “From the Archives” post excerpts Carl Levine’s 2006 “‘Whose University? Our University!’: The Case for GA Unions.” Levine argues eloquently in favor of unionization, an argument that is concretely based in the acrimonious relations that developed between New York University and its graduate assistants after the university elected not to renew the GA union in 2005. Unionization continues to be debated, not only at NYU but also at other universities across the country (most recently at the University of Minnesota). Clearly, Levine’s argument remains a timely one.

From “‘Whose University? Our University!’: The Case for GA Unions”

Carl Levine

The idealized version of the university—as a community of scholars enjoying a free space for intellectual discourse, insulated from the pressures of the outside world—if it ever existed, exists no more. Higher education in this country is a colossal industry, increasingly ruled by the imperatives of the marketplace. Academic freedom is threatened, not by graduate student assistants (GAs) demanding input into decisions that affect their working lives, but by administrators seeking unilateral control of decision-making.

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We’re giving it all away!

6 Mar

Okay, not really. But we are giving away a free copy of Issue 75 to two U.S. readers, and there are two ways you can win:

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Interview with Carol J. Adams

1 Mar

Today’s post is a bit of a change for our regular blog content, although not our journal.  You likely already know that the minnesota review features both creative and critical writing, but you may not have known that we often feature interviews with leading scholars.

Today, we’re featuring part of an interview that Heather Steffen conducted with Carol J. Adams for the journal’s “Feral Issue” (Fall 2009/Spring 2010, # 73/74). The full interview, which explores the evolution of her work, is available at the link above. (Note: You will need an individual or institutional subscription to access back issues of the journal.)

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Books Received (Cultural and Literary Criticism)

16 Feb

the minnesota review welcomes proposals for review essays on these and other recent books in cultural and literary theory. We do not publish reviews of fiction or poetry. For reviews, we much prefer overviews to reports on specific books. For examples, check the review-essays in our current and past issues. Continue reading


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