AWP Recap: Look Me In The Eyes, Not The Nametag!

Near the conference hotel, a lakefront Hilton, in a line for coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts, a young woman stares at my nametag. For what seems like a minute, her eyes are fixated on my name. She thinks: Is he a writer? Somebody I should know? Or want to know? Can he get my story/poem/manifesto published? Can he … Continue reading AWP Recap: Look Me In The Eyes, Not The Nametag!

Favorite AWP Papparazzi Moments

Mary Gaitskill: Strolling through the Marriott seeking the abstinence in literature panel. Mathew Zapruder: Sporting his sleepwear strolling the book fair. Benjamin Percy: Most aggressive Grrrrr face. Joshua Ferris: Fielding comments on bobby-pin related writing. G.C. Waldrep's Hat: Confused by the blinking figure on a street corner. Yusef Komunyakaa: Discerning Rick Moody's dialect. Natasha Trethewey: … Continue reading Favorite AWP Papparazzi Moments