Flash Creative Nonfiction: Capturing a Moment in Time

by Blessing Christopher

It feels like everything went to sleep last year after COVID-19 struck. Thankfully, there are indications that the world will heave a collective sigh of relief in the near future. If you’re one of the writers who found it hard to write in the thick of the lockdown, here’s hoping that the coming months will unlock your creative juices. 

For the fortunate few whose brains are finally thawing now that there’s hope on the horizon, writing flash creative nonfiction can help release your creativity. The goal is to start with small writing projects and eventually lead to the big stuff. 

What is Flash Creative Nonfiction?

The flash essay captures one moment in time. It is brief and impactful. Most Importantly, it is over before you know it. The best thing about a flash essay is that it affords the writer a moment of self-reflection. You can look back at one particular event or a series of events with fresh eyes, which could allow for the kind of introspection that deepens essays. 

Flash Essay Ideas

Here are some prompts to kick off your mini-essay project.

  • Your funniest memory 
  • The most cringe-worthy thing you’ve experienced
  • A moment of pain or loss. 
  • An incident that triggered personal growth
  • How you got out of a fix

These prompts are easy and (hopefully) fun. You can attempt them in bits or create a compilation of memorable moments. Happy writing! 


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