Unhinged Writing Prompts

By Kira Homsher

Photo by Andrea Ang on Unsplash

Write about steamed dumplings and misleading chord progressions. Write about how your next door neighbor never inflects his speech. Write about the most abrasive color and who wears it. Write about your ailing mother. Write about someone else’s old family albums. Write about petunias and garden pavilions. Write about childhood mud potions and poisons. Write about the only thing a picky eater will eat. Write about a pair of ankle-length earrings. Write about what your father was hiding in the garage before it burnt down. Write about what an iPhone means to a grandmother and what a grandmother means to an iPhone. Write about everything becoming increasingly bite-sized. Write about a candle that won’t burn. Write about fleeting mass interpretations of humor and morality. Write about a man who can’t hear melodies. Write about a wet dog out in a lightning storm.

Good luck!


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