Ten Tips for Search Engine Optimization

by Allan Nava

This is what happens when you only half know how something works. Jussie Smollet Guilty Innocent Michelle Obama Conspiracy Alex Jones Right…nah he’s just living the Capitalistic Dream Joker Trailer April Bernie 2020 Different Change Hope Obey Remember they literally got the propaganda guy to do their Propaganda and there was no Irony Lol but at least it’s the last week before Game of Thrones and Last Week Tonight is still a thing and Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Every Big Event Ever and Google Youtube Facebook Twitter Snapchat Tinder Bumble Grindr and I’d say LinkedIn but that’s only good for the people who own it and Produce Optimize Exercise for the Gram Exchange Coffee Speed Live to Post never socialize Network and Hulu Netflix and Thumbs up Thumbs Down Subscribe Follow Share Like Don’t Love April 2019 Review In Lives Lost Sad One Star it and Move to Next Week Blog Blog Blog Must Remain Readable 250 Words or Less for the Reader On The Go Intellect Encapsulation Deny Feelings Deny Encapsulate those too for Depression Anxiety Weight Loss Medication is Perfection Meditation is Annoying because it denies chaos and this is what happens when you’re dumb but try to act smart you try to write a polemic but end up pastiche Sincerely Every One Silencing Each Other Selling Each One’s Soul Existential Obfuscation for eyeballs and reread post by Ctrl+A Ctrl+H with best SEO × 250.


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