What We’re Reading (when we’re not reading submissions)

Today’s “What We’re Reading” comes from Mirri Glasson-Darling (fiction editor for tmr) who shares her current reading stack and shares a little about why these books rule. Check them out!


When My Brother Was an Aztec: “Diaz is such a master of imagery. I heard her read last year and it was incredible but as I’m not much of a poet I was too shy to try and talk to her afterwards. I’ve regretted that ever since.”

The White Boy Shuffle: “Just hilarious and awesome.”

Death in Spring: “Surreal and immaculate. Her command of language is impeccable. Above and beyond. The jealousy is real.”

Notes of a Crocodile: “I’m the most excited about this book so far. It’s so sharp, funny, and vulnerable that the prose has a kind of brutality to it.”

Bear Down Bear North: “As someone who has lived all my adult life in Alaska, I always try to look out for Alaskan writers and this collection has me the most excited I’ve ever been. Structurally, I’m always jealous of linked story collections, and Moustakis is the real deal. Striking characters, crystal clean beautiful prose, and arresting storylines.
Side note: When buying books, consider buying from small local bookstores or directly from the publishers. This is the best way to support the writers you love!

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