Nestled: A Spot to Read and Write

We all have habits. The type of pen we use, the journals and notebooks we fill, the spot where we do our best writing, and the seat in which we read words that inspire and challenge us. Sometimes we can bring our pen and journal (or laptop and cup of coffee) to a particular location and know that we are going to knock something out. We feel it.

I have a spot. Hand-me-downs from family members, my rocker and table have history and character. The table came from my great-great-grandmother’s orchard home in Redlands, California, and it’s been bounced around the country since then. Currently, it resides here in Blacksburg, and I love that for this season, I get to be included in its history. The rocker came out of the home I grew up in, and sometimes I notice scratches in the leather from my dogs or pen marks staining the maroon from my own favorite Pilot G-2s. Combined, they can tell many stories about my family history; perhaps that is why I can study stories so well here.

What is unique about your favorite spot to nestle when you know you have work to do?



The blog editor for the minnesota review, Anna Harjung, is an MA in Literature student at Virginia Tech. She reads daily, but writes for fun. This is the spot in which she feels most comfortable, where she does her best writing, and reads the texts that inspire and challenge her.


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