Jenny Zhang’s Story Collection Sour Heart

Check out this review of Jenny Zhang’s new story collection Sour Heart. This book is the first from the Random House imprint, Lenny, which is curated by Lena Dunham.

Excerpt from review from Slate:

Sour Heart maps various roads to agency, some of which depend on the stabilizing rock of family. The tension there is that parents, supportive and loving though they may be, can also impede your path to adulthood—and immigrant parents in particular can impinge on your dawning New Yorker–ness (a thwarting at once welcome and terrible). Zhang’s stories seethe with nuclear entanglements both poisonous and generative. A grandmother encourages her grandchildren to rely on her for everything.

Check out Slate‘s full review here.

Dunham interviews Zhang here.

Lenny announces Zhang’s book here and offers an excerpt here.

Order Zhang’s book on Amazon here.





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