So Long for Now!

So it’s 2017, we survived Christmas, made it through New Year, stopped biting our nails and went to the gym a couple of times, then started biting our nails again and found a new Netflix Original to binge on. It’s the same as every year, the circle of festive life. It has come to its end, and now we have to deal with January and February, the bleakest of months. And the circle of minnesota review life is coming to an end too. It’s time to say goodbye to the current team of editors and readers, but don’t worry, just as spring will one day come, there will be a new editorial team running the show in a few days. For now, though, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work of everyone who has had a hand in running the minnesota review over the last few months.

We read hundreds of submissions between August and November, 967 to be specific. We discussed every one of them, and fought for the ones we loved. Debates got heated – friendships suffered. But after all of it we’ve put together an issue we’re really proud of. Issue 89 of the minnesota review will be out in November 2017. We hope you all buy a copy, we promise it’ll be worth it.

The issue includes exciting work from 23 brilliant writers. Strong themes have emerged in issue 89, across a diverse range of work that reflects the varied aesthetics of our team. Most prominently, identity is a recurring preoccupation, whether that is gender identity, as in ‘Snow Angel’ and ‘Little Boats for Flat Chest Dresses’, issues of race as in ‘Papi’s Angel Teaches me the Value of Shoes’ and ‘Soundscape as Sestina’, or identity within a family unit, as in ‘Intervention’.

Some of us will be back as readers next semester, and don’t worry, the blogging should continue seamlessly through to summer. We’ll have a new team of editors manning things up, but we’ll remain just as passionate and as discerning as ever. Submissions opened on 1st January, and will stay that way until 1st April, so get writing and get your very best work sent in to us.

Until next time!

Issue 89 team signing off.


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