Issue 81 Coming Soon!

We’re excited to bring you our latest issue, due out next month! In the meantime, here’s a quick glance of what you can expect from issue 82. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here to make sure you won’t miss:

Creative Work from:

Thomas Hawks
Tara Skurtu
Dustin Junkert
Paul Otremba
Marcus Pactor
Jaydyn DeWald
Bradley Harrison
Terrence Owens
Chris Haven
Paul Nemser
R. Steve Benson
Matthew Lippman
Brandi Nicole Martin
Whittney Jones
Lindsay Wilson
Lori Mosley
Chrys Tobey
Megan Edgecombe
Jeffrey H. Maclachlan
Jason Bredle
Beth Gilstrap
Wendell Mayo
Gloria Frym
Mike Coakley
Sara Nović
Jacob Newberry

A Special Focus on Feminist Political Theory, including interviews with:

Jacqueline Rose
Jodi Dean
Bonnie Honig
Jacqueline Stevens
Jane Bennett


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