Issue 80 Now Out!

Issue 80 has now mailed, and we’re excited to bring you work from the following authors:


Christopher Citro
Jadyn DeWald
Katie Fallon
Keith Flynn
Taylor Collier
Sean Lovelace
Susan B.A. Somers-Willett
Erin Pringle-Toungate
Laura Wetherington
Roxane Gay
Benjamin S. Grossberg
Jon Pineda
Dean Rader
Christian Nagle
Patty Seyburn


An Interview with Barbara Herrnstein Smith

Special Focus: The Medieval Turn in Theory (Guest edited by Andrew Cole)

Andrew Cole   Introduction: The Medieval Turn in Theory

Kathleen Biddick   What Does “Deconstructing Christianity” Want? The Institutional Imaginary of the Incarnation

Amy Hollywood   Derrida’s Noble Unfaith, or What Reading Hadewijch Can Teach You about Reading Derrida

Andrew Cole   The Call of Things: On Object-Oriented Ontologies

Bruce Holsinger   Object-Oriented Mythography

D. Vance Smith   Death and Texts: Finitude Before Form

Maura Nolan   Medieval Sensation and Modern Aesthetics:  Aquinas, Adorno, Chaucer

If you don’t already have a subscription to the minnesota review, access the Duke University Press website, available here. Subscription rates are only $30 per year for individuals and only $20 per year for students. In addition, you can also access the minnesota review through Project Muse if your institution carries a Project Muse subscription.


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