Meet Your Editor

Name:  Jeff Haynes

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Genre: I’m a poet, dawg.

Turn-ons (Literary): I like poems that are verbose and in-your-face.  I like poems that push boundaries.  I like poems that aren’t scared to defy our poetic expectations.  I like poems that never wave a white flag of surrender—poems that aren’t afraid to fail. Contemporary, contemporary, contemporary is my mantra.

Turn-offs (Literary):  I hate poems that are timid and conforming, and that refuse to take chances.  Safety is for the birds. Also, don’t give me poems that try to tell me the meaning of life. Like, really dude, a murder of crows changed your life…nah, I don’t trust that.

What I am reading now: Lately, in poetry, I’ve been a sucker for Hannah Gamble’s Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast; Jennifer Knox’s Drunk by Noon; Tony Hoagland’s What Narcissism Means to Me; and Jason Bredle’s Carnival.  Heather Christle is really kicking my ass too.  For fiction, I’ve been on a Haruki Murakami binge. I’m working through 1Q84, while at the same time reading some classic Sherlock Holmes stuff.  The two play pretty nice together. 

My all-time favorite book: Alice Anderson’s Human Nature will always have a special place in my heart, as will Sandra Beasley’s I was the Jukebox.

My Favorite Literary Quote (right now): Celebrate Harder—from Hannah Gamble’s Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast


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