Introducing …

the minnesota review’s literary editors work during academic semesters, which means we’ve got a new batch of excited editors bringing you interviews and updates with former contributors, new creative work, and cartoons here on the blog! In addition, we’ll continue to feature an occasional look back at critical theory essays and interviews from our archives. Be on the lookout for upcoming posts from:

Managing Editors: Max Brooks and Tom Minogue
Max Brooks paints nothing professionally, partakes of the highest quality macaroni, and writes like a young Tom Clancy.
Tom Minogue realized last year he has no visual depth perception. He also realized this is irrelevant as long as he never, ever, has to play dodgeball in the schoolyard again.

Fiction Editors: Kevin Smith and María Elvira Vera Tatá
Kevin Smith enjoys reading Mark Twain and long drives, though generally not at the same time.
María Elvira Vera Tatá has finally embraced that she dwells in the Spanglish Realm and is, for better or worse, unable to find her way back to either standard Spanish or English.

Poetry Editors: Arian Katsimbras and Jeff Haynes
Arian Katsimbras is patiently and quietly bouncing back from culture shock after moving from Reno, Nevada.
Jeff Haynes shares his name with a percussion musician, but he can’t be blamed for that.

Social Media Editor: Amy Marengo
Amy Marengo makes plans with people over drinks and cancels the next morning 98% of the time.

Blog Editor: Michelle Calkins
Michelle Calkins is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and is currently studying poetry, when she’s not watching Murder, She Wrote.


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