New feature: More work from our contributors!

One of the features we’re adding to the blog is a look at other work from our contributors. Today’s work comes from Scott Hightower, whose poem “Serai” appears in our upcoming Spring 2012 issue.

Hightower’s latest book of poetry, Self-Evident, is available today (April 3) in paperback from Barrow Street Press. Reviewer Richard Howard writes, “The very title of this fourth volume of Hightower’s verse, we are told, is Ben Franklin’s revision of Jefferson’s proposed opening of a famous document which originally characterized ‘these truths’ as sacred, but which cool-headed Ben changed to self-evident. Perhaps there is some savor of Jesus in these breathtaking poems after all. Read ’em and wipe away your tears.”

Scott Hightower is the author of four books in English and one that is bilingual (Spanish-English). Translations of poems from a manuscript by the Spanish-Puerto Rican poet Aurora de Albornoz garnered him a Barnstone Translation Prize. He teaches as adjunct faculty at NYU and Drew University. A native of central Texas, he lives in Manhattan and sojourns in Spain. You can learn more about Hightower’s other work at, and look for “Serai” in Issue 78!

** Thanks to reader Joaquín de Feo, who suggested this blog feature. If there’s an author whose work you’d like to know more about, please let us know in the comments!


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