What We’re Looking For (Fiction)

The staff of the minnesota review  is looking for good story-telling, strong characters, and powerful narratives. We’re also open to experimental, innovative writing and genre fiction that transcends formulaic limitations. In terms of length, we’re equally interested in flash fiction, traditional-length short stories and novel excerpts.

Our editors:

Mary is looking for dreary experimentation, which includes the segmented form. She appreciates the poetry of Gertrude Stein.

Curtis is a huge George Saunders fan. He likes dark humor, desensitized characters, and stories that are light on exposition. He also respects stories with a strong and stylistic voice.

Jamie likes lean, lyrical, and efficient storytelling (in the short form). He’s looking for events told in new and interesting ways through characters that live normal lives.

Christopher likes minimalist fiction including the often-maligned “Dirty Realism” of the late 1970’s. He also reads realist and postmodern fiction. Authors he admires include Tobias Wolff, Raymond Carver, Paul Auster, David Foster Wallace, and Mavis Gallant.

Even if your submission falls  out of the range of our preferences, we always value quality writing!


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