Holiday Wish List: Jim Harrison Edition

This fall Jim Harrison released two new books – The Great Leader and Songs of Unreason. The former, a “faux mystery” in which a retired police detective investigates a mysterious cult leader across the country, hits all Harrison’s high points with images and language that travel from Michigan to Arizona and back again. In Songs of Unreason, the poet ambitiously weaves the long poem, “Suite of Unreason,” with his familiar spiritual musings and landscape lyricism to great success.

So, to capture Harrison over the Holidays, we’ve put together a gift guide:

1. The Great Leader, by Jim Harrison
2. Songs of Unreason, by Jim Harrison
3. Vodka
4. Cartons of Natural American Spirit Cigarettes
5. Chihuahuan Ravens
6. Expensive Red Wine
7. A reliable fly rod
8. Loyal bird dogs
9. St. André cheese
10. An old copy of Rimbaud

Rob Kenagy is in the MFA program at Virginia Tech.


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