Donate a Story to the Struggling Writers Association this Season

Let’s face it: it’s going to be a crapper of a holiday season any way you slice it, but when the economic climate is stormy for the general population, it’s a goddamn tornado for fiction writers. A tornado that will never blow itself out, I guess—or maybe it should be a hurricane. A really big hurricane, or maybe strange isolated tornados attracted only to struggling writers. Metaphors like this keep struggling writers struggling, and they need your help, now more than ever.

Right now there’s a writer struggling, and s/he needs a story. Will you help?

Send your fictive donation to

Note: You can claim your donation on your tax returns, but must submit Art Addendum I56, which asks that you quantify the donated story’s worth monetarily. Subsequent audits should be expected.

Sean Conaway’s work has appeared in Arcadia Magazine and the American Fiction Anthology.  He’s currently working on a novel that he hopes one day you will read.

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