With all the hubbub surrounding Apple’s recent game changers—OSX Lion, OS5 with its futuristic Siri, and iCloud—iWrite! hasn’t received any of the attention it deserves, but let me tell you, this app rocks!  Like all Apple innovations, iWrite! allows the user to focus on creativity and form, and leaves the humdrum nitty gritty (in this case, craft) in the hands of invisible programmers who have, as always, thought of just about everything a writer needs to produce work s/he can, if not necessarily be proud of, at least expect to yield some dividends by way of publications, contracts, and—if the right settings are chosen—probably some major prizes.

iWrite! makes it so easy!  Through a simple series of steps, iWrite! allows you to focus on components, style, length, etc., tailoring your pieces to what it calls your Authentic VoiceAuthentic Voice allows you to accommodate certain tonal levels—ranging from Irony to Earnestness, Glib to Despairing, and Light-hearted to Heavy.  You can enter your favorite authors and books into Influences and set its frequency anywhere from Subtle to On Your Sleeve.  Authentic Voice is key to allowing iWrite! to write like only you can write, so make sure to take your time and get those levels just right.

 Once your Authentic Voice is squared away, writing novels, shorts, even memoirs, is as easy as entering in a few choices into Components and Conventions, utilizing Apple’s handy scroll down options.  You can even type in your own.  Components takes care of fiction’s key elements such as Character (with sub-headings Development and Motivations), Conflict (you can chose a Primary and any number of Secondaries), Point of View, Setting, and Plot.  Conventions, my favorite step in the process, lets you turn your work into something really special.  Construction, Imagery, Word Choice, Speech and Dialogue, Layering, Tension, Exposition, Scene—this is the stuff that really lets your Authentic Voice take over.

There’s always room for improvement, of course, and I’ll admit forthright that Epiphany needs some work, and I’m pretty sure my first few stabs at iWrite! produced facsimiles of Love in the Time of Cholera (one version read as if Raymond Carver had written it—an unnerving experience altogether), but hopefully the bugs will be taken care of with the next few software updates.  Overall, however, I’m mightily impressed with this program, and have been churning out some top-shelf literature with little to no effort at all!  Not to be melodramatic, but iWrite! is yet another game changer, and with iAgent and iPublisher in the works, expect soon your work to be quickly skimmed by commuters the world over, and for those of you who’d like to earn some honest-to-goodness money, make sure to buy the upgrade Genres, which should be available for the holidays, just in time to churn out some summer page-turners!

Sean Conaway’s work has appeared in Arcadia Magazine and the American Fiction Anthology.  He’s currently working on a novel that he hopes one day you will read.

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