Brian Brodeur Photo Interview

Photo responses by Brian Brodeur, Issue 75 poet

Interview conducted by Julia Clare Tillinghast, Minnesota Review editor


When (and how) did you start writing?

What’s your writing “routine”? (Do you write every day at the same time (morning/evening), or wait for inspiration? Editing process?)

What writing instruments do you use? (Do you compose with a pen(or pencil?) and notebook (lined/unlined), or on a computer?)

Who are your favorite authors/influences?

How would you describe your work?

Brian Brodeur is the author of Other Latitudes (2008), winner of the University of Akron Press’s 2007 Akron Poetry Prize, which can be found at Recent poems and reviews are forthcoming in The Missouri Review, Pleiades, and Quarterly West. He maintains the blog ‘How a Poem Happens,’ an anthology of interviews with over one-hundred poets, which you can visit here:


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